How does   

                   insurance work?

      Session rates are $160 per session. I accept major credit cards. If you do have insurance, you can enter that information on Redmond Therapist Website and our staff will check your benefits.  

 As of January, 2017, I do not accept any insurance plans for in-network benefits. You may, however, request a special receipt called a "super bill" in which you can send to your insurance company to use any out of network benefits. I can help you navigate this process, but please know that you are responsible to pay the session fee of $160 at the time of service.  Some insurance companies have high deductibles, or very little benefits for out of network. If this is a concern of yours, please discuss this with me before starting your clinical work. 

I am attempting to be able to take BCBS and some other insurances, but this process takes time. Check this space for updates. 

When are the appointments? The latest appointment I offer is 4:30pm. The earliest is 10am.   Visit the  get started page  to send a message.  I currently am only seeing new clients Monday through Friday.

Michael Baker, LMFT

Counseling for Individuals, Couples, & Families

Where are the appointments?

I am an independent therapist that practices within the group setting, Redmond Therapist.  This is a private, professional setting. 

You can find the Redmond Therapist website by clicking here. 


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